fat guinea pig?

  1. C

    Is my guinea over weight?

    Hello I’m Cheyenne. My guinea pigs name is Minnie and I think she maybe to fat. When you hold her you don’t feel her ribs, when she is standing you can’t see her feet, and when she stands she doesn’t have curves. I feel her half a handful of vita prima morning and night. She always has hay. She...
  2. Joscelyn


    My guinea pig was overweight last time she was weighed at the vet. Its been about a month or so now and I've been limiting her food as much as I can. I have 2 guinea pigs and this one likes to steal my other guinea pigs pellets. I also give veggies at night, but I've been trying to limit them a...
  3. Gengen

    Norma Gen Is Healthy An Fat

    My guinea pig an my wife's guineas are all ok no sings of weight loss hair lose or lethargic.
  4. Ever

    Is My Guinea Pig Pregnant?

    I got a female guinea pig from my local shelter about 22 days ago. I noticed that she was a bit large compared to my other female rescue guinea pig that I got from somewhere else. I was told that she was between 1 and 2 years old. I don't know much about her history, but I know that there was a...