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feeding schedule

  1. Lizzieejoyce


    Hi everyone! My 5 guinea pigs seem to be a bit bloated and pear-shaped and I don't know why. I stay clear of high calcium foods regularly because of strong white wee in the past when I first rescued them so I'm really confused what's going on. I've outlined my feeding schedule below, grateful...
  2. M

    Would this work?

    I'm looking at getting two guinea pigs and like most new pet owners, I want to make sure I know what to do and what is best for them.. especially since they will be my responsibility. I read on a few different platforms that you can get your pigs on whatever schedule you would like so I was...
  3. Siikibam


    I've been noting down what I feed the boys since they arrived. Now I'm wanting a little help! This is a snippet of what I fed them last week and this one. I want to plan ahead, would make my life easier. They get cucumber, coriander, celery and pepper every day. I then add veg - parsnip...