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female cavy

  1. N

    Blood in pee

    Hii everyone, just wondered if you could help, there's been an dark orange colour to my guinea pig's pee and I don't know what I should do about it, it's been going on for two days now. Any advice?
  2. K

    Root extraction

    My baby girl , not even 3 years old, has has an infection due to her teeth breaking and has a whole bump under the chin. Not eating properly or letting me feed her also. Tried metacam and 2 other mets with it and she had diarrhea so stopped it straight away. She's less active and picks on...
  3. L

    Hair loss after ovarian cyst removal 9 months ago

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced hair loss with their piggies after ovarian cyst removal? Our piggie is otherwise well but is gradually losing a large amount of her lovely hair. She had a mammary tumour removed 2 months ago and has recovered really well, the vet did...
  4. B

    Bonding and bullying

    Hello! I'm a fairly new guinea pig owner (going on a few months) and despite reading a lot of things, something is still bugging me about what's going on. I have one piggy tgat I've had for 5 months, and one that's a little younger who we just got 1 month ago. Two girls. The bonding went as...
  5. M

    New Guinea Pig OWNER🤍

    Heyy! This is my first time ever owning a guinea pig. I’ve been planning on adopting one this summer but my internship got canceled this summer because of covid so my sister surprised me with one from the pet store! ( she didn’t know any better). I’ve had her for about a month now and I have...
  6. C

    Does my male guinea pig living on his own need a companion?

    Hello everyone😁 In January 2018 I adopted 3 male guinea pigs from pets at home, I was told they did get on and that Waffle was the most dominant guinea pig and in the first few days some fights may go on as they settle into their new home. So I brought them home (they have a very large cage)...
  7. Auster

    Bleeding from bottom

    My two year old piggie Midna has started bleeding from her bottom/genital area. Over the past few weeks we have noticed the occasional spot of blood on the bedding but never been able to pinpoint a source for it until yesterday and there has been a sudden increase in the amount of blood blotches...
  8. Kiko+Peanut

    Possible Bullying? Help!

    Hi everyone! I could use some advice. I did some research but no one has the answers I'm looking for! :yikes::eek: So I have an almost 2-year-old American Crested piggy named Peanut. She is the sweetest little thing ever! Until I got Kiko last Saturday. Took her to the vet for a check-up...
  9. Nathan & Codi

    Bullying The Newborns

    Hi i have just introduced my newborn's and their mother to my three other female pigs but they seem to be bullying the baby pigs chasing them and I noticed one chewing fur. The mother and another of the females are not getting on and are chasing each other around the cage. Any idea on what I can do?
  10. MyPiggyMoo

    Hoarse Wheeking?

    Hello! Recently I've been noticing my Guinea Pig wheeking less. I noticed today that it wasnt less, it's just I could barely hear her. Her wheeks, squeaks, and bubbles are all sounding hoarse and muffled. I've thought it could be a cold, as everyone in my house has had one recently, but I've...