female mounting

  1. veesilver

    Sow mounting & v discharge?

    Hi! Yesterday my two baby sows started being a bit tense aorund each other. They are still bonding, as we only got them 3 weeks ago. There's been some power shifting since, as one of them had problems with a leg when we got them, and the other one, initially dominant, turned out to be ill and...
  2. Z

    Duo to herd

    Hello everyone! I have two female guinea pigs Currently. Getting ready to upgrade to a larger habitat 3x5 c&c with a loft (possibly 2x6 undecided). I’m really wanting to add a third because I’ve read and heard that a “herd” is more social and comfort in numbers for them. As a third is it better...
  3. ashleemelda

    Sudden Dominance Behaviors

    I got my girls, Moira and Rose, back in May, so 7 months ago now. Within the past month, they have started exhibiting dominance behaviors that I have never seen up until this point. For example, they both rumblestrut around each other pretty much constantly throughout the day, Rose sprays urine...
  4. s.haller16

    Guinea pig bullying? What should i do?

    Hi I have six guinea pigs, in one cage i have three boars that actually get along fantastic and have no problems whatsoever, but in my other cage I have two girls and one male. The two girls, being a mother (Minnie) and daughter (Riley), and the male being the baby daddy (Teddy). Over the past...