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  1. C.Courtney0310

    Shy Piggie Becoming Dominant?

    Hi guys I'm kind of confused since I got my piggies about a month ago and I'm pretty sure they were really young(I got them at a pet store) since they were about 310gs, but werent underweight, I checked their ribs to make sure. They're now about 430gs and I'm pretty sure they're in the teenager...
  2. cashewandpeppa

    Is this normal? Strong season for sows

    We’re on day FOUR of what seems to be the strongest season possible for Peppa. Can I get some opinions on the video below? Peppa lifted Cashew’s chin and nibbled - never seen this before. Usually just chin raises. Peppa has been rumble strutting for four days straight now. She’ll rumble and...
  3. D

    Help! My female guinea pigs won’t stop fighting

    Hi, I am a guinea pig owner since six years back when I bought my two first piggies, who were sisters. One fell terribly ill when they were only about two years old and we had to put her away. To give our remaining piggy a friend we bought a new one who was only a couple weeks old and also a...
  4. KaylaT4403

    Females sniffing and rumblestrutting

    So my guinea pig Penelope (female) has been rumble strutting near my other female guinea pig Luna. Whenever she gets near her she does it. She then chases her around the cage until Luna gets irritated and chases her off. Penelope is constantly sniffing her butt. Luna throws her butt in the air...
  5. Willow&Sky

    Young females bonding advice

    I got two young female piggies about two weeks ago. I thought they we're already bonded when I got them but once I got them home I realised they hadn't formed a bond yet. They're settling in well and seem to love their new home but they're not great friends. They play together and enjoy floor...
  6. L

    Confusing/sad situation

    I have this ten year old guinea pig, Chuckles who is dying. We're expecting him to go either today or tomorrow. Because of his situation I decided it would be better for him to die peacefully at home instead of being euthanized at the vets. I feel horrible for him, and his cage mate, Boomer. But...
  7. Isabela

    Help Guinea Pigs Fighting!

    Hello, I need serious help. Lounge Small Pet Cage | Free P&P on orders £29+ at zooplus! This is my cage. It's big and has two floors. My pigs are 4 months old, bought together 3 weeks ago and are both females. At first they were afraid and were always together and hiding and in some time they...
  8. Celine298

    Lady Pigs Are Giddy...

    Just a quick query, are females udually more vocal than males? My boy sunny is super laiday back and usually only wheeks for food, but Lola.... She burbles non stop, 24/7! I was just curious, is this a female thing or could just be that she's chatty?
  9. Moomin91

    Unhappy Piggy? Worried Newbie Owner Advice Needed

    Hi all proud newbie owner here that has been researching and reading countless forums on here already to prepare myself for the new arrivals but I really need some more advice and couldn't find any similar thread, I'm rather worried about one of our new Guinea pigs we brought 3 females home...
  10. lucyr

    Won't Eat Pellets

    I got 2 female guinea pigs this week and we got pellets as I know this is better than muesli (because muesli doesn't give them all the nutrients they need as most guinea pigs only eat the parts they like). However, they haven't been eating the pellets. They have eaten a few, but only a few...