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  1. raining.ashes

    New Guinea Pig Fighting with older ones

    Hello! I recently adopted a guinea pig who has undergone 2 accidental pregnancies (conception happening before I got her) and I have also taken 1 daughter from each litter of pups. The daughter of the first litter lived with her mom for a few months before I had to seperate them due to illness...
  2. Babsicuy

    My Guinea pigs are fighting!

    3weeks ago i got a guinea pig. She is 2months and 2weeks old! Last week i got her Sister as well that she can have a friend! But, since they are togheter they are fighting often! Extream Teeth chattering, running behind each other and sometimes hard fights! It's so horrible to see them both...
  3. M

    Humping Boys And Fighting Help Asap

    Right so after my Guinea pig died my other came very sad so we got two babies so we never ended up with 1 but now the two babies (18 weeks) are humping fighting each other and to the adult (3 yrs) u can tell there not happy and my mum says we need to give one back to the breeder,:no: so does...