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  1. Adelyn

    Firework photos

    Yesterday was the Fourth of July and everyone was setting off fireworks: "Firework Finale" "Skyline of Georgia Suburbs and Firework" "Freedom" "My Firework" It was a very fun night!
  2. B

    Fireworks 🎆

    Goodluck to all the piggies and piggy owners keeping their pigs and other animals calm during the fourth of July! 🎆 I know it isn't easy! Some tips I'm currently using right now is playing soft music for them and sound proofing your windows and walls with blankets. It's working like a charm for...
  3. Short Shadow

    Not the same after fireworks

    Hi All, I am worried about one of my piggs. Gio is usually is a very spunky, talkative and playful little guy but last night was his first time experiencing fireworks. It was VERY bad this year with the illegal ones! We had all the doors and windows closed with 5 industrial fans running to try...
  4. raynarem

    scared guinea pig

    hi! i’m not sure what category this would go under, but i guess it deals with my guinea pigs behavior. the fourth of july is only in 2 days, and i’m worried about my pig getting scared. he’s not phased by thunder storms from what i’ve seen, but i know it’s common for them to be scared by the...
  5. Kallasia

    Fireworks And Loud Noises

    Hi all. With bonfire night fast approaching, lots of fireworks are being set off. Even with the windows closed my piggies can hear them and keep running for cover :( What advice does everyone have for keeping piggies calm and happy?