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first aid kits

  1. S

    Guinea pig first aid kit

    Hello, We are currently ensuring we have all the right bits and bobs in our guinea first aid kit. Please drop any recommendations below. At the moment we have ringworm/fungal cream left over from Bugzy’s infection, Loxicom, spot on gels for mites, nail clippers, a brush, syringes, gloves and...
  2. Hannahb2804

    First aid kit for piggies

    I’m thinking of making a first aid kit for home with things in I might need if piggies get sick so wondered if anyone knows what’s best to buy in for any sort of thing I might encounter? Any suggestions would be fab x
  3. Littlewheekers

    First Aid Kit

    I want to start a more prepared and organised first aid kit, as one of my pigs (Sula) suffered from a minor bloat over the weekend and it's made me a lot more scared, I feel like it may happen again, luckily she wasn't in pain and was eating and drinking normally, must have been fully bloated...