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first birthday

  1. 5

    Happy Birthday! 🎃

    Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to Spooky! I can't believe she's already one years old! 🎃👻
  2. Rebeka

    Birthday celebrations

    Hi haven't been here for a while had some family matters to tend to... On a happier note we had our first guinea pig birthday yesterday with Charlotte & Maeve who got spoilt by there human sisters. Added some pics of the day:clap::clap::cake:
  3. Prasiddha

    Happy first birthday fluffy!

    Dear friends, We are very happy to celebrate fluffy's first birthday today. She is an excellent piggy with all good characters. She is lively, loving, calm and a very good mother. In this one year of her life she has been a proud mom of seven healthy pups. I am really blessed to have her in my...