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five guinea pigs

  1. Eviolus-

    Cage sizes

    Is 70" by 40" okay for a boar an 4 sows? They're all in a 6ft by 3ft cage right now and seem quite happy. I keep retaking measurements and checking how big it needs to be but I'm lost at this point and I'm not sure I can make it much bigger than this without including levels which don't really count
  2. Sharon Cleary

    Cage Size For 5 Sows?

    What is the recommended cage size for 5 sows? I currently have 2 guinea pigs, but want to adopt 3 pigs that need to be rehomed. My pigs are housed in a wooden cage I made that measures 40" x 68" (18.8 sqft2). Will my current cage support the space required for five total sows, when I...