flaky skin

  1. J

    Bold patch

    Hello there I was wondering if anyone can help I have a furry one today I noticed on his belly/chest a Chunk of fur missing and looks flakey could anyone tell me what it might be
  2. E

    Dry patch behind guinea pig’s ears?

    I'm not sure if it’s a fungal infection or not but my 1 year old female guinea pig has a small patch of dry scaly skin behind each ear. She has had it for a long time but I always thought it was normal. She also gets flaky ears sometimes and often has a small (but not abnormal) amount of crust...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    Dandruff-ey skin

    I notice today whilst grooming BB that she has quite a bit of scurfy skin on her back. She’s never been a super sleek pig (not like her sister Rey who is so shiny) and her fur was never as thick as Chewie’s. It doesn’t look irritated or sore or like she’s been scratching it and I haven’t seen...
  4. M

    Flaky skin, please help

    Hi! My sweet albino coronet, Stella, has had flaky skin for the last two-three weeks. We took her to the vet ASAP and they said it wasn’t mites, but gave her and my other ladies treatment just in case. It’s been at least two weeks since that happened and not only has she not gotten better, she’s...
  5. Bethany Cook

    Flaky Ear

    I'm a newbie. I got Peanut about three weeks ago from petsmart. She's been acting normal from what I've read about Guinea pigs since I'm very new at having one. But I've noticed that one of her ears in hard at the edges on the outside and when I turned her ear over it was flaky. The other one...
  6. LaylaAndSaffy

    Elderly Pig With Hair Loss And Flaky Skin

    Hello all, Well my girl Saff is now 8 years 1 month (and 4 days... But who's counting?!). She is my world and I love her to bits. I've seen her age slowly over the years and can see the things she is now starting to struggle with (getting her legs moving after a nap, general grooming and still...