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floor time fun

  1. Pxhione

    Free roaming Piggies?

    Hey there! Recently I have been bringing out my 3 girls for daily floor time. They're in a 5 x 6 CC cage but they still love the extra room of course! Floor time consists of them going into a large metal run added onto their cage, allowing access to the middle of the living room. I was...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    More Mo Floor Time Fun

    Had to share more pictures of my Mo from his floor time today- the last picture!
  3. Chessles

    Floor Time Ideas Needed...

    Hi, I have 4 guineas; 2 sows 2 (intact) boars. The ladies live in an 8 square feet c and c cage and the boys live in a nine square feet. I have an indoor pen which I use when I clean them out but this is no bigger than their actual cages so kind of pointless for any sort of enrichment activity...