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  1. I

    Guinea Pig shed Flooring

    I need to put some flooring down in the shed for the guinea pigs (its currently bumpy concrete floor) that's waterproof. I was looking at coroplast but I'm not sure if it would work as they are normally used in c and c cages. Will they stay up? Also how to put them together as the space is...
  2. Taylormc4

    Vinyl Tile Vs Foam Interlocking Mats?

    I cannot choose whether to put soft interlocking mats as the floor for my c&c cage, or vinyl tiles.. The foam mats look like this... And the vinyl tiles look like this... (Taken from Pinterest) Does anyone use these or know which one would be better for my guinea pigs? Thank you for your...
  3. Taylormc4

    Soft Linking Mats For Cage Flooring?

    I've been wanting to change the flooring of my guinea pig cage for about a week or so. I've been looking on Pinterest and other sites on what to use. Earlier today I went into Lowes, and found soft linking play mats. I actually scrolled past a picture of a c&c cage that had the exact mats I had...
  4. Louspiggs

    New Flooring Idea?

    my mum also keeps guinea pigs and in the top tier of her cage she uses wool as a flooring (knitted square pads). she take up the droppings everyday and washes a pad (about 10cm squared) and replaces it when they are a week old ir whenever they get peed on. i was wondering if i could do the same...
  5. S

    New To Guinea Pigs, Need Advice

    Hi Guys, I've never owned a Guinea Pig before. After about a year of thinking about it and making sure it wasn't an impulse decision and doing relevant research and go plenty of times to pet shops to look at the guinea pigs and get my daughter ready and not to mention finally buy my own house...