1. MilliePigs

    Floor time

    So I’ve had Horace and Benji for about a year now and have never really given them floor time. Bambi’s cage (my other guinea pig) is so large that the space I have for floor time would be much less than his cage size and so I’ve never given it to him. However, Horace and Benji only have a 120cm...
  2. Kallasia

    Thief? Perhaps "opportunist"

    It was a floortime like any other - bedroom door closed, pet gate across stairs, pigs have free roaming throughout the upstairs. It all began when they came charging into our 2nd bedroom (which is now a boardgaming room!) like they normally do. After playing "Where the hell have the pigs...
  3. Jesse's pigs


    I never realised how fun floortime could be! The first time I tried it with Mo, I was rather nervous - and he stuck by my side so I think he was too :lol!: but eventually he learnt that my bedroom floor was a safe space and went mental! Now I get them out together as much as possible. I...
  4. Annelle

    Piggies Vs Camera

    My little boys are so confused about the camera when I take pictures of them XD I made a little compilation video of their curiosity today during floor time! ❤️ File was too big so I included a link for anyone in need of a smile :) the little grey/white one is Banjo, who is a bit shy. The nosey...
  5. E

    Cage, Playpen, Floor Time - Help!

    I'm so confused about what to do with my guinea pigs regarding cage, playpen, floor time and at night. We bought our GPs about 3 weeks ago. So at the moment they're in a 120 cage, which I've placed inside a playpen (see photo). During the day the cage is open so they can leap in and out and get...
  6. MJG

    Floor Time :)! Any Ideas

    Hey guys Just wanted to show my boys play pen , if anyone has any more ideas or how to build any thing new for my boys I would massively appreciate it :) ! Or just what you think of it :)
  7. MJG

    Best Toys For Floor Time?!

    Hey guys :) Just wondering everyone's opinion , so for floor time I let boys explore my spare room and I've got tunnels , a house , couple of chews , some guniea pig chew balls . Is there anything else anyone could suggest to add to their playtime? I just don't want them to be bored :)
  8. coco&chanel

    C&c Playpen?

    Hi. Ive ordered 20 c&c grids with connectors with the view to build a large indoor playpen for when the weather is too cold/wet to go in the outdoor run (which is ALL the time!) My question is: how hard will it be to put it up and take it down? This would be just the sides and no correx as...