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  1. Grand Guinea Pigs

    The Gods of Sweetness & Rejoicing (Flower Power Hippie Piggies)

    In other words, my new profile picture after nearly two years on the forum. Baulder & Aegir looking super lovable with their pretty little flower crowns. 😇
  2. Grand Guinea Pigs

    What's in the Garden?

    Some photos from this year and last.
  3. Hannahb2804

    Safe for flowers around piggies

    Hello just wondered if anyone could help me, when I get my piggies I’m planning to put them in my living room which is quite spacious, but I always buy flowers to put in there, would I be best stopping buying them as I know piggies have a sensitive sense of smell or are they ok to be near...
  4. UhreGuineas

    What Flowers Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

    Over the summer i plan in making a little garden for the piggies and was wondering what some good options are. I was thinking about marigolds, nasturtiums, and teddy bear sunflowers. If there is possibly more I could add to their garden, or if i should not get them one of the 3 i planned on...
  5. Cherri


    Hi! So my sow ended up eating four daffodil flowers. I know it was bad on my part to leave them above her cage. My cat knocked down the vase that was holding them, and she ate a few. It was just the flower part though. I was gone at work whenever it happened and wasn't able to remove...
  6. Bella123

    Seed Heads

    Hi everybody, Just wondering, I know it ok for piggies to eat these :)) :)), but I have heard some things about them being not so good due to their calcium content. Is it ok to free feed these as treats as mine totally love them :drool: :drool: If so how many would be ok to hand feed?