1. P

    Liquid from nose

    Hi. Basically, yesterday I noticed for the first time that one of my guinea pig's (Pumpkin) nostril (just one I am pretty sure) had this white mucus-looking liquid inside. It would appear in her nostril every time she breathed out, and a little crust of it seemed to be on the outside. I kept an...
  2. G

    Edema In Guinea Pig

    My guinea pig has major fluid retention under its chin and its "armpits ".The vet gave him a diuretic, heart medication, and a supplement(vitamins and amino acid). Please help if u have any more information. I thought he was only gaining weight. When he stopped eating we took him to the vet. He...
  3. KenzieC

    Urgent: Pig Has Fluid In Chest On One Side...cannot See His Heart.

    Hello everyone! My wonderful baby Atlas (m) is back on antibiotics for the third time since i got him 4 months ago. When I bought him (stupidly) from a PetSmart, I quickly found that he was sick. We went to the vet and he had severe pneumonia and a URI. He was on baytril and a dieuretic for 2...