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  1. G

    Guinea pig won’t chew full vegetables

    When I give my Guinea pig Newt a full vegetable like cucumber or carrot or half of it he can’t chew it, like you can tell his trying because he’s putting his mouth on it and moving around it but when I make the vegetable into smaller pieces then he can chew it and this just started, he used to...
  2. rubberduckytoy

    Timothy Hay Allergy?

    One of my piggies, a 6 year old (though she is very energetic and acts healthy), has been occasionally spitting up a cloudy white liquid after eating hay. It doesn’t happen very often since she tends to favor vegetables and pellets, but every once in a while she’ll start to favor her hay...
  3. T

    What to feed babies and mom in same enclosure

    I recently adopted my first Guinea pigs from a friend that turned out to have allergies. I have a mother and her three daughters. The Daughters are about 4 weeks old. I read that while alfalfa is great for the kids is unhealthy for the mother. So I'm unsure how to make sure the kids get the...
  4. Ellie<3piggies

    Blondies ill

    Sooo my piggie blondie is really ill! I don’t even know what happened to her to make her this ill. I think it started when she jumped abit too high off this block in her cage for his little feet and hurt herself :( He couldn’t walk properly and wasn’t moving around a lot so I took him to the...
  5. jrascon

    Sick guinea pig

    I have a male guinea pig around 5 and he is barely eating, he eats when we feed him from a syringe and doesn’t fight it. His coat is puffed and fluffier than usual. He has less energy and is making very few sounds. I’ve had two guinea pigs that have gotten sick before we took them to a vet and...
  6. Wheeksers

    Indoor Plant Growing

    Ahoy! I know many of you grow plants for piggies outdoors, but does anyone grow anything indoors? I'm wanting to start up a little mini indoor garden (considering a small hydroponic set-up), but I'm on the fence about it. I'd love to give piggies fresh, organic herbs & veggies straight from a...
  7. T

    Metal Balls Fell Out Of Bottle While Cleaning

    The little metal balls and spring fell out of the metal tube part of the bottle while I was cleaning the bottle. I simply put them back in, balls first, then spring. The bottle seems to work just fine and water comes out, but I wanted to double check just in case that what I did was okay and I...
  8. S

    A question about sparkling drinks

    Hi there! I was just wondering if guinea pigs can have sparkling water? Now I’m not saying that I would be giving it to them it’s just a random question that popped up in my head. I looked it up and people have said no only because of additives and sugar in them. But the sparkling I have only...
  9. GuineaDad619

    Low calcium hay and diet

    Hello everybody! My name is Ryan, I'm a 29 years old Guinea Dad of 2 sweetheart female absynnians. Daisy at 9 months old and 995 grams as well as Lola who is 7 months old and 833 grams. I am became absolutely obsessed with providing the very best possible life for them in every single facet of...
  10. A


    Hey. I had two little boys (my guinea pigs). One is recently deceased (heatstroke) and the other is in good health though I'm not sure how much loosing his brother took a tole on him. I'm trying my hardest to help him out, making sure he isn't lonely (reading Jane Eyre to him every night), and...
  11. Merry2018

    Guinea Pig Loses Tooth!

    Hi everyone, Today I was feeding my guinea pig some small pieces of his Vitamin C “cookie” and he spit out a tooth. Last night he refused to eat the Oxbow cookie and I saw a little blood left on the cookie when he attempted to bite it. I assumed he cut his cheek or something, but now it must...
  12. Z

    Apple sticks

    I give my guinea pigs Apple branches a couple times a week and I gave them skinnier ones and they both ate them completely-can’t find them anywhere in cage. Is this okay?
  13. Lucyscavies


    More veggies for my boys tonight. Aren’t they just the cutest furballs you have ever seen? 🐹🐹
  14. Lucyscavies

    Veggie time! 😍

    Veggie time for Scooby & Scrappy tonight, look at how fluffy they are! 😍😍
  15. K

    Young guinea pigs, struggling to find a good fit for their diet

    Hi guys! I have two new guinea pigs, they are around 3 months old. I have tried to introduce them to vegetables, but I will come home after school and the vegetables will be untouched. I take them out of the cage and throw them away after a couple of hours because I don't want them to spoil and...
  16. Louise mckee

    Low calcium food suggestions needed

    Hi, my piggies Joey is 4 years old and suffers greatly from bladder sludge and has done all his life being in and out of the vets because of it. He is on a low calcium diet, with getting plenty of cucumber and peppers daily and we like to switch between cherry tomato and blueberries a couple...
  17. Muffin's great

    Cake for Muffin?

    I would like to make a cake for Muffin's 3rd birthday, I've seen a lot of recipes online, and I really like the ones where you actually make the cake instead of just making a pile of vegetable's. The problem is I'm not sure which recipes are actually safe for Muffin or not. Should I make one...
  18. CloverRebel

    There's Something In My Pigs Mouth...

    I'm new here, and have two pigs: Clover and Rebel. My pig Clover ate something off the floor (we didn't see anything there except a piece of hay and bedding) but now he won't eat a pepper and we here this crunching noise coming from his mouth. We've seen them get something out of there mouths...