food mix

  1. Brackenwolf1

    Changing dry food

    I have recently got a rescue guinea pig and he has come with the Gerty Guinea pig dry mix (a musli mix) He is already underweight and I have noticed that he only eats a couple of different bits of the food. Therefore I want to change it to a complete nugget. I have chosen Harrington’s and I was...
  2. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    To feed or not to feed: Watson & Williams Food Mix for Guinea Pig and Rabbit

    We found ourselves out of our local refuge's specialty Pig 'n' Mix (pellet alternative) which our piggies *love*. Until we can get some more, we thought we'd pick up a bag of food mix from the pet shop. We looked very closely at all the ingredients and are super aware that most stuff at the...