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food variety

  1. cinnamon7


    is this enough food for 2 piggies
  2. x_x

    Can guinea pigs eat human foods?

    Weird question, I know, but it suddenly came to my mind. Are there any types of foods (except for fruits and veggies) that are safe for guinea pigs to eat? For example, people often feed their dogs biscuits that they eat too.
  3. B

    Daily veggies

    So I feed my pigs morning and night, they don't have more than they are supposed to though. They always have some sort of leafy greens, like sweetheart cabbage, rocket lettuce, kale, parsley and occasionally blueberries, carrot, bell pepper, cucumber and broccoli. They always have access to...
  4. Puddles1999

    Daily veggies?

    I’m just curious as to what everybody feeds their guineas. A lot of places have varying information. I have taken a look at the forum though and am trying to give my guinea pigs more variety in their diet. Right now for their everyday veggies, they get a leaf of red/green leaf lettuce, a slice...
  5. Barnyard Boars

    Pellet Food Choices

    For the longest time I've fed both my hamsters and guineas tiny friends farm food, but it's colourful and I know that's not always best choice but they love it! However I feel like I shouldn't now and should stick to oxbow pellets that just look like regular pellets, OR should I mix them? I'm so...
  6. Sewn_Chaos

    Fun : Food Presentation For Piggies

    Just wanna share how I kill routine when preparing their food ! I live in an apartment with 3 housemates so its kinda limited what I can do but it is sooo much fun when you try to play masterchef-pretend when you are preparing for their gourmet ! It is as if you are opening a piggy restaurant !