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  1. klovesguins

    Senior pig diet

    Hello everyone! I currently have 4 females, all over 5years old. My oldest has been struggling to keep weight on even with extra food and supplement critical care feeding so I stopped as it stressed her out. She is currently (and has been this weight for almost a year) 650g. She has always been...
  2. cinnamon7


    is this enough food for 2 piggies
  3. TokeHound

    New Piggies - Veggies or Not?

    Hello, I just got two male baby guinea pigs from a pet store. They said the piggies are roughly 10-12 weeks old. They told me that they need to be on pellets and alfalfa hay for another four weeks before I slowly introduce veggies to them. However, I'm finding other information online saying...
  4. Pohtaytur

    Red Currant Berries Safe For Pigs?

    Just got a big harvest of red currants and was wondering if my pigs can have some of the berries on occasion. I saw that they and the leaves are safe but I wanted to be doubly sure about it before I feed it to them. Are the seeds a choking hazard? If not they're all going to be made into jam, haha!
  5. Immogen

    Am I feeding my piggies right?

    I have two female piggies, one is just under 2 years old and one is about 2 months old. I've been feeding the older piggy a cup of mixed veggies in the morning and two tablespoons of pellets in the afternoon along with unlimited fresh water and timothy hay. Should I be feeding the younger...
  6. Pohtaytur

    Guinea pig bored and picky?

    Hi, so I'm a new owner of a bonded pair of guinea pigs I recently adopted called Harold and Henrietta. I was kind of worried about Harold's behaviour. I've been giving him pellets and veggies to eat, and he would take the pellets from me before, but he stopped taking them from me as much after I...
  7. H

    food oddities

    Hello I'm from Slovakia. I have 2 guinea pigs, Lima (3 years) and Leya (2 years). And currently Lima is sick again, this time it is bladder crystals. That's why I decided to revise their diet. I found out that until now I was feeding my piggies wrong, because the diet was based on the knowledge...
  8. Mystic_corgi

    How much?

    My guinea pigs love their pellets, but I am scared I am over feeding them I tend to just take a 1 cup scoop and barely fill it up to cover the bottom is that too little or too much?
  9. D

    am i overfeeding my guinea pigs?

    (sorry for the long paragragh) alright so i'm 15 with two guinea pigs, i take very good care of them but my mother doesn't seem to let me have much control when feeding them and i feel like she over feeds them, they have a litter box where hay is in and she gives them like 5 handfuls of hay...
  10. ashleemelda

    Questions After Vet Visit

    I've posted on here several times (so very sorry!) about having taken my girls to the vet on Monday, December 2 in large part due to the fact that the frequency of their poops had gone down significantly. They were prescribed Bactrim (SMZ-TMP) to take twice daily in case it was the start of an...
  11. R

    New Pups, Bonding, Food, and Behaviour.

    Intro First i'd like to state I owned my first guinea pigs for 7 years before they passed away a few months ago. However i had these guys when i was a lot younger and did things my way rather than doing lots of research. I'll break this post down into segments about my questions. 1) Early...
  12. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    To feed or not to feed: Watson & Williams Food Mix for Guinea Pig and Rabbit

    We found ourselves out of our local refuge's specialty Pig 'n' Mix (pellet alternative) which our piggies *love*. Until we can get some more, we thought we'd pick up a bag of food mix from the pet shop. We looked very closely at all the ingredients and are super aware that most stuff at the...
  13. Jamesey

    Fussy Eaters - Help

    I have two very fussy guinea pigs who will eating everything that’s bad for them! I need to change their diet to contain less calcium, but how do i get them to other food? I really want them to eat peppers (any colour but especially green or yellow) but they are just not interested I have been...
  14. csmith9nr

    Amount Of Veg

    How many grams of veg are you supposed to give per guinea pig a day? I've heard 50g, I give 100g. Most people say 1 cup but how much is that in grams?
  15. Sara’s Piggies

    Best Hay Rack/set Up

    Help! I've been trying to find the best way to keep hay in my piggies cage. I've always just done big piles of hay with my previous piggies and is what I'm currently doing with my new one. I know the piggies like the big piles of hay but unfortunately it's just end up getting very messy...
  16. RJade

    Science Selective?

    I just wondered what the general opinion was on science selective? My guinea pigs have come on leaps and bounds since I have had them on it, after being fed rubbish mixed food at the breeders. I've read lots of positive reviews online, I just wondered what anyone else thought of it. While...
  17. ToriiBugg

    Obsessed With Lettuce ?!

    My 2 month old Finn has taken a huge liking to romaine lettuce. I give him a good bit but when he finishes it he looks around for more! He even nudges my fingers and basically loves on me probably hoping he'd get more. If I don't give him more he seriously squeals at me. He eats his pellets and...
  18. RyansPigs

    Can Piggies Eat Cherry Tomato?

    I have cherry tomato but not sure if there safe for my piggies thanks for helping me!