1. Nicinoonoo

    Dried Dandelion salad

    I’ve just bought some dandelion salad for £1 at B&M, I thought I’d use it for foraging treats. How much should I give each of my three piggies? Natures Natural Goodness Dandelion Salad
  2. Beans&Toast

    Anyone Tried These?

    I noticed P@H have started doing these new forage bags. Some of them are more like sugary treats that I'm not entirely convinced would be suitable for piggies, but I thought these seemed good? The pigs love it sprinkled over their hay..
  3. Chewbacca2004

    Diy? Houses Treats And Toys

    Hello Recently in the colder months I have been trying to find cost effective and fun toys treats and houses for the pigs as it is too wet and chilly for them to go out in the run I have tried lots of options but would like to hear your tutorial suggestions! To start it off I'd recommend the...
  4. C

    Mind Your Own Business Plant

    I have a lot of "Mind Your Own Business" growing in my garden. Does anyone know if it's OK for my piggies to eat?