force feeding

  1. MarioPig

    Dental Syringing water

    Hi guys! I am new to forums so I will apologise now My little piggy Archie (2 and a half) has recently had his dental operation using G.A. (this was before I knew about the Cambridgeshire cavy trust). Since the op rehabilitating him has been extremely stressful as force feeding him has been...
  2. Akanksha singh

    Help My Guinea Pig Is Having Seizures

    My guinea pig was ill 4 days back, he suddenly stopped eating and moving therefore we force fed him. He recovered very well and even was playing around. Yesterday suddenly he stopped using his fore limbs, to which the vet thought was just a sprain He was eating well but dragging his body. Today...
  3. G

    Can I Store Mixed Critical Care In The Fridge?

    If I were to make a batch for a day (lets say, I mixed 1/2 a tablespoon of Critical Care with 1 tablespoon of water to make about 21ml of Critical Care mix) one morning, but I want to give it to my piggie in 5-6 doses (that same day) can i just store that large batch in the fridge just for that...
  4. threelittlebubs

    Can Someone Explain Force Feeding?

    I'm really stressed about feeding my girl CC. She will eat it fairly well for about the first 5-6 cc. Then she will refuse more. Twisting away and stuff. This makes me feel like I am forcing in more than her tummy can take if I try to feed her more. She is eating and drinking a little on her...
  5. Nikolapalak

    Urgent-teeth, Uri, And Hand Feeding

    Hi everyone, I've got a piggy that's just over 4 years old now. a couple of days ago he had a surgery done under anaesthetic. That was for his teeth. I don't know why but since the surgery he has not been eating at all and he lost almost a pound in the last 2 months. I've been trying to force...
  6. Parnassus

    Force Feeding Advice For An Extremely Fussy Guinea Pig?

    I have an extremely fussy guinea pig. I have tried the burrito method. I have tried holding her against my chest and gently but firmly holding her head in place with a finger. I have tried laying down, placing her on my stomach, facing me, and slipping the syringe into her mouth at that angle...