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  1. C

    My dog is having weird behaviour around my Guinea Pigs?

    Hey everyone! My 17 year older dog who has never had babies has a constant habit of trying to throw my quilt onto the guinea pigs with his nose, they’re in a cage but he tries to do it through the bars. He’s not doing it visciously in fact he lays with them around him but I’m just wondering if...
  2. x95emma95x

    Should I Or Shouldn't I?

    Hi there! Just a bit of background, although it says I am new to the Guinea Pig Forum, I had an account a long time ago yet was inactive for a long period of time. I have owned guinea pigs for 5/6 years now, my current two being Lenny, a 3 Year old long haired mop, and Noel, a 5 month old grey...