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fruits and veggies

  1. D

    Daily Veg Confusion

    Hi 👋 I give my guinea pig Kiwi about a cup to cup and a half fruit and veg each day (as recommended by our vet) and use this chart ( http://www.guineapigcages.com/food/Veggie-and-Fruit-Charts.pdf ) to help me keep her foods in safe quantities. However lately I’ve been seeing so many...
  2. L

    New Piggie Mom ( Help with getting a veggie schedule ? )

    I want to get into a schedule and was hoping you all could help me, I would like to type a schedule out so I know what I am feeding them each day/night. Could anyone post a schedule below for me to see? I do know they need about a cup of veggies/leafy greens a day for each piggie. I have two...
  3. BenjiAndButtons


    We're having a debate, one of us is convinced after reading something online that spinach caused the bloat that caused buttons death. What are your thoughts on spinach? Abouts and frequencies?
  4. Jade Smith


    I brought these today thinking they were specifically for guinea pigs, do you think they would still be ok? Could I also have some recommendations on treats and fruit/veg do them! X
  5. R

    Help! My Cavy Stopped Eating

    Here's the gist, my Cavy is refusing to eat his pellets or his hay but he will gladly accept fruits and veggies and his treats. He is kind of large (always has been since I adopted him) and this is unlike him to refuse to eat his pellets or hay. He is always the first one to his food bowl to...