fungal infection medication

  1. Carla1231

    Fungal Infection or Mites

    Hey guys, So this is Brownie, He is a 4 week old boy. His been living with me for around 2-3 days now. I adopted him from a lady that thought she had boys. From all the learning and reading i been doing from the past weeks, i see that there is something off about brownie. I thought the the...
  2. amber89

    Specialist Guinea pig not eating and lethargic after anti fungal medication

    Hello all, I am having 3 guinea pigs at home. All 3 of them are being treated for a parasitic infection with Stronghold 15mg ( in German, they are treated for Haarlinge, in English i think they are called Chewing lice ). In addition to Stronghold, all 3 of them are receiving VAPOVIT (Korvimin...