1. acefebreze

    Fungal infection?

    Hey all, Is this a fungal infection? The dime-sized black spot is originally from when he was bitten by his cagemate before I adopted him, but he has since been to the vet and finished a round of antibiotics. The vet told me that I should look out for a fungal infection in the area, which is...
  2. R

    Guinea Pig Skin Issue

    A few days ago, we noticed this bald patch appear on our guinea’s back. Upon closer look there appears to be dandruff as well. He has no other symptoms or patches like this. Although he does occasionally try to scratch it. What could this be?
  3. T

    Weird Nose Fungus?

    My guinea pig teddy has had many small minor issues and this is another, he has some sort of fungus looking substance on his nose. I haven’t tried picking at it because I imagine that’s probably not going to do any good. I have attached a picture or two if anyone could help that would be great...
  4. Emma Braithwaite

    Crusty Nose

    I have recently treated my guinea pig for a fungus on her ear with prescribed antifungal cream. She now has a crusty nose and I was wondering if it the same fungus that has spread to her nose? Should I apply the same cream to her nose, please help as I can't afford to take her to the vet again...
  5. Jiggy_Sweets

    Strange Lump On Eye With White Crusty Patches

    Our 4 week old Female guinea pig, Minnie, has started to develop this odd white growth on her upper eye lid which is surrounded by white crusty patches. There is discharge that we can see and there’s no smell present. She is still eating just fine and getting along with her guinea buddy, Sally...
  6. PerpLexxity

    Fungus On Ear?

    Last night when I was cage cleaning I noticed flakes on Gizmos ear. Upon closer inspection realized on top of the flakes were 2 red bumps they seemed to be trying to scab over. Initially I thought it was a scratch wound but that wouldn’t cause flaky-ness. I did some research and at the time it...
  7. MollyB

    Mites Or Fungal Infection?

    Hi all! I've taken Teddy to the vets almost 2 weeks ago as he had fur loss, flaky skin, and was scratching a lot. The vet said it was mites and gave him Xeno 50-mini, which we need to us every 2 weeks 2 more times. However, I've been looking online as he's still been scratching, maybe a little...
  8. M

    I Think My Guinea Pig Has A Fungal Infection, Balding Scab On Head

    hello, I am new here. I have a long story about my new little guinea pig but I will try to keep it short, I apologize in advance lol. I got my guinea pig Leila from petco on july 3rd. (I know getting from petstores are bad, but I loved her and there are no guinea pigs anywhere near me available...
  9. Strawb

    Flakey Skin And Bald Patches!

    Hey guys, if in doubt I'm always looking on here for advice but this time I can't find anything like what my pig has so help would be appreciated! His name is Tails, he's a 3 year old Rex and for a good year and a half/2 years he's had hair loss patches on his lower back/hind, his fur will either...
  10. Squishymoth

    Urine Scald And Potential Fungus?

    Here I am posting yet again about my piggy Chamomile. I've been treating her urine burned feet by washing them in warm water every night and putting on a general pain /infection relevant on her feet. (I rub it in well and wait a while to make sure she doesn't eat it. Also recently I've been...
  11. Bethers

    Piggie Fungal Infection

    Hi, I hope someone can advice and reassure me. I'm new to guinea pigs, I have two little boys. Yesterday I noticed around Dexters eyes he had lost some hair and it looked sore i asked a couple of people and they said it's a fungal infection, I can't afford to take both the piggies to the...
  12. Brad

    Fungal Shampoo

    Hi all Don't know if anyone has used this before but I would recommend it if you ever have issues with fungal problems, also I have found out the vets around by me use it in their clinics and other clinics they have worked in. It's called ANIGENE which is an Anti-Fungal animal shampoo which...
  13. E

    Ringworm (i'm New!)

    Hello I'm new to owning guinea pigs and keen to do everything right. One of our pigs has got ringworm (we suspect she brought it with her from the pet shop where we have just brought her from!). We've taken her to the vets and got Itrafungol to give orally (which we haven't done yet - is it...
  14. taroyukiponyo

    Eye Hairloss

    Sooo about a month ago my little Taro was adopted and introduced to yuki who was adopted the day before. Both males establishing dominance was to be expected. They are about 2-3 months old from my predictions. Anyway about a week later my wife and I noticed little Taro had a mini scratch on...