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  1. Wiebke

    Happy 8th Birthday, Morwenna!

    After a big wobble yesterday (quite literally), Morwenna has thankfully rallied round enough to face the world again and to enjoy the first fresh spring grass from the lawn as her special birthday treat. Considering that Morwenna was just 40g when born to a highly pregnant newly rescued...
  2. T

    Dental Guinea pig dental problems

    My guinea pig is 2 yrs old, I noticed she is not eating/unable to pick up food/drops food even if she picks up on 11th May. Started syringe feeding her & took her to the vet on 12th May, as suggested by the vet got her mouth x-ray done. As per the vet her incisors was over grown as well as her...
  3. piggie smitten

    Travelling In Car On A Hot Day

    Hi all, my boar Bubble is going for a ten week check up on his teeth on wednesday at the Cat and rabbit clinic in Northampton. Its about a two and a half hour drive each way. I'm a bit worried as they say its going to be about 20 C on Wednesday and humid. Any tips on how I can make sure he...