1. B

    Very sensitive to smells

    Hi, our family is looking into getting guinea pigs. But we want little to no smell as it will get irritating to be smelling poo, urine and hay all the time. We are thinking about getting two sows and keeping them in the spare bedroom on the top floor of the house, away from the main body of the...
  2. Stevenxxx

    Guinea Pig Doesn't Like Veg

    my Guinea pig is really fussy and the only vegetables he likes are carrots and romaine lettuce, I have tried everything including a few fruits but he refuses to eat anything else, I'm worried he will get a vitamin c deficiency problem so how else can I get these vitamins in him other than his...
  3. Michael o

    Pig Only Wants Spinach

    hi I only have the one pig (frowned upon I know) she only seems interested in spinach cucumber and bell peppers. If there no spinach she eats less and gets really grumpy! Is this normal. She might sniff or nibble other food and then just buggers off? Had her about 5 months