1. S

    The person below me.

    I thought we could try a new game? A little bit of getting to know eachother. You have to say a statement, and the poster after you answers whether it is true or false. Then poses their own statement! Example: Poster 1: The person below me has cheated on a test. Poster 2: True. The person...
  2. S

    This or That?

    New game? Poster answers the question, and poses a new one to others! Example: User 1: Strawberries or Bananas? User 2: Strawberries. Bus or Train? I’ll start. 😊 Cake or Biscuits?
  3. ToastandBeans

    3 Word Stories

    In this game, you have to write a story in 3 words. It can be sad or happy.. it doesn’t matter! Nothing TOO sad though :) Warning, this one is veery sad. There’s no food.
  4. Kallasia

    Autocomplete Predictive Text Game!

    Type "The guinea pigs are" on your device and then press the middle button until you have a sentence!
  5. Celine298

    If You Could Rename Them....

    We all know Guinea Pigs have the strangest name: they're not pigs and they're not from New Guinea! I was thinking, if we could rename them, what would we call them? Based on our experiences with these wonderful little fluffies. Personally, I'd go with Spud Bunnies, because of their potato...
  6. Butterfly88

    Word Association Game

    Post a word that you associate with the word above. pet