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  1. 5

    Bored pigs

    Hi! I've been noticing my guinea pigs are looking quite bored lately and I can't blame them I've searched everywhere on guinea pig games I can play with them with but it doesn't seem to gain their attention what games can I play with them to make more happier?
  2. Incredipigs

    Fortunately, Unfortunately Game

    I've always loved this game so I thought we could give it a try :)) Here's how to play: Person 1: Unfortunately, the piggie ran out of hay Person 2: Fortunately, the human gave him some more Person 3: Unfortunately, there wasn't much hay left in the bag so the piggie didn't get much And so...
  3. Kiko+Peanut

    How To Keep A Piggy Entertained

    So I have seen many methods of people doing different things to keep there piglets happy. Some really cool. Some really bad. Some just plain dangerous. What do you do to keep your babies happy?
  4. caroline081


    Hey everyone ! I was thinking that it could be interesting to read about different types of games that people come up with to keep their piggies entertained. Look forward to hearing everyone's fun ideas !
  5. ToastandBeans


    Well the title explains everything: Riddles. RULES: No googling or searching the answers, you can only google riddles for ones you are going to post. It works like this Person A: *riddle* Person B: Answer. *riddle* Etc. I'll start. There was a plane crash and every single person died. Who...
  6. AlienPig


    Guinea pigs love to get tickled on the forehead. They might even smile!
  7. Guinea Days

    Hey Guys! We Would Like To Share With Our Guinea Pigs How We Keep In Shape

    hey guys, we would like to share with you how our guinea pigs stay in healthy and good quality shape. (well apart from one of our guinea pigs has a big but...!) pluss advise on what kind of games may interest them. so lets start with their favourite: the hutch. This is a little wooden, home...
  8. Keiko The Pig

    My Guinea Pig Thinks He's A Dog

    Hi there, just wondering if any other piggy owners have experienced dog behaviour from their pigs! My boy plays tug of war with his chew sticks, and also chases them around! Though maybe that behaviour is more cat like, as he doesn't fetch! Just tries to catch it as I drag it along in front of him!