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    Hello, My Levon was prescribed Ciprofloxacin (eye drops) to treat his watery eyes. I recently stopped giving that med and Enrofloxacin, because I noticed that his poops started getting smaller and he looked in pain. I didn’t know I had to give him probiotics to help his stomach not become upset...
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    Hard belly

    Hi, I haven't posted on here for a while but I figured maybe someone could help with the current situation. My guinea pig Popcorn has struggled with chronic gas episodes for years, but this gas episode has become odd. She was having it for over a month or so, but it became worse and now isn't...
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    Bactrim shelf life?/other issues

    Hello! I have been off of here for a good amount of time, and I am sure many of you who remember me shall be relieved to find that I have been working a lot on my pet anxiety and thinking logically before getting all worried about an illness and whatnot. Unfortunately, I have come back for a...
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    Palm oil, soy oil, and baking soda?

    I just bought gripe water for my Piggie who tends to get gassy every now and then, but some of the ingredients I've never heard of before. It includes vegetable glycerin, which I heard could be either palm, soy , or coconut oil. I know coconut oil is fine, but can guinea pigs eat palm oil and...
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    Please help - loss of appetite and bloating

    My pigs are getting both Doxycycline and Baytril at once. I know giving cisapride with Baytril is fine, but is it still fine to give cisapride with both Doxycycline and Baytril? Also, this is a separate question, but on the Doxycycline it says "Take with food", but i can't give one Piggie...