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general care

  1. E

    Advice on Neutering

    Hi everyone! Needing some advice, I have two male pigs at a year old and recently took on a female pig. Her previous owners are friends with my mum and went on holiday about a month ago and my mum volunteered for me to take care of her for two weeks, two weeks has turned into me now keeping her...
  2. Dystopoly

    New Skinny Pig Owner! Help?

    So, I made a post very early last week about possibly taking home a female skinny pig if things worked out with my boars in the same room - and everything did! So now I have a beautiful, sweet rescue skinny pig and I want to make absolutely sure she’s getting the best care possible. I’m taking...
  3. Jordyn Warner

    Back In Business!

    Hello! I had guinea pigs a until a year ago when having to leave my baby's with my then boyfriend after a brake up, I am now in my new home and ready to set up again! Could anyone spare a minute to let me know if there has been any changes or updated information on the geneal care of piggies...