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gi statis

  1. Minniemary

    Gi Stasis And Not Pooping

    Hi all, my baby girl Enid is currently being treated for GI stasis but has also had bloods sent off to test her liver and kidney function. She is quite poorly at the moment, I have been Crit Care feeding her every two hours but recently she has started to eat again on her own. She's even had a...
  2. natw1181

    Please Help! They Vets Think I Shoud Put Her To Sleep!

    My little girl toffee who is 4years has been at the vets since Sunday! Friday last week i noticed she had stopped eating, so i was syringe feeding her and planned to take her with her mum to get her teeth done, as i figured that must be the problem. I never left it more than 4 hours without...