girl piggies

  1. chesneypig


    I have 2 girl 👧 guinea pigs. One is probably around 5 her name is pumpkin pie and the other one is less than a year old and her name is Sundae. When they were fighting over dominance Pumpkin would like hit her with her nose and Sundae would squeak at the top of her lungs 🫁. Was it hurting her...
  2. H

    Is 2 enough?

    I am looking at getting 2 girl guinea pigs. When watching videos online during research an animal specialist said that guinea pigs like it better in groups of 3 or more for their “confidence”. Is this true? Also thinking if something happened to 1, then 2 would still have each other :-/
  3. Siikibam

    Debating expansion

    My husband keeps going on about how I should get Toffee a girlfriend so he stops bothering his mate Fudge. And it has got me thinking, not always good 😁 What I was/am debating is getting a girl each for the boys, after having them neutered. But they have a good bond so I worry about breaking...