1. dabel101

    Rumbling Tummy

    Hi everyone! My 3yr old guinea pig became suddenly off her food, she at a few bites but not much at all. She has been fine since this evening. She keeps trying to hide behind and under things which isn't usual for her during feeding time at all. However, i quickly noticed her tummy rumbling...
  2. J

    worried about my boy with GI Stasis

    Hi all, hoping for some help/advice if anybody has any, or know what to expect! My piggie (male) has GI stasis, he was taken to the vet on Wednesday and was given gut stimulant medicine, painkillers and a gut stimulating ‘rescue remedy’ type thing. We’ve been giving that to him, but not seeing...
  3. PiggyPack

    Bloat home help

    Hi Guys! Our lovely 4 year old sow Bea is having a bit of trouble at the moment with some pretty nasty bloat! We rushed her over to the vet last night and she’s had two injections, metacam and another antibiotic forgive me I’ve forgotten the name of and she’s on a course of Emeprid and...
  4. jennag446

    Diarrhea after syringe feeding

    Does anyone know what I should do? My piggie was diagnosed with GI Stasis on Sunday (5 days ago), and we’ve been syringe feeding her three times a day since (it was recommended by the vet). Yesterday and today, she’s had green diarrhea, which is the color of the liquids she’s been getting. It’s...
  5. jennag446

    Sick piggie being bullied

    Hi! My name is Jenna, and I have three female piggies. I moved houses a couple of weeks ago which has put a little stress on the pigs. A few days ago, I noticed that one of them, Mini, wasn’t eating. Today we took her to the vet and found out she has gi stasis. She’s lost a lot of energy. Keep...
  6. frankiethepiggie

    Baytril leading to Stasis?

    Hello, I’m finally joining on the forum. I’m eighteen with one piggy, Frank. He had a cage mate named George who passed away a little over a year ago. Frank’s now turning five in June. I had some questions about an antibiotic I’ve used a few times for my other pig a few years ago. My current pig...