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  1. P

    Glucasomine recommendations

    What glucasomine have people find their piggies like? Nancy is taking catease prescribed by the vet. I can understand why she doesn't want it because when you add water to it it smells like fish. I want something I can add to food and her actually take it because I feel I'm just adding to her...
  2. CheeseAndPiggle

    Glucosamine for bladder inflammation

    Good morning, I only just joined & I've already posted up my introduction. The 2 girlies we adopted in September were loved by their previous owners but for some reason they could no longer devote time to caring for them anymore. I know they meant no harm & would appreciate no judgement on...
  3. Flinty

    Glucosamine for bladder advice

    Hey all, I know there have been threads on here previously, but just wanted to clarify :) I have a 1 1/2 year old sow who I'm pretty sure is having bladder problems and would like to give her some long term help. I've read that glucosamine can help so would love advice on quantities and which...
  4. kitelk

    Inflamed Bladder + Glucosamine.

    Hello all, I have a 3 year old guinea pig "Lola" with an inflamed bladder. I have seen a few people on here using vegan glucosamine to help the lining of the bladder and so I purchased this one Glucosamine 1500 - Caruso's Natural Health | Health care products | Health food store | Herbal...