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  1. Pigg

    Japanese Knotweed

    I have a ton of Japanese knotweed around my house. I have done so much research and found nothing about dried jap knotweed. I was just wondering if you could build a guinea pig hut, house, tunnel, or something out of it. I will not physically feed it to them but I know they could and will chew...
  2. W

    Help - Guinea Pig Has Nibbled On A Bit Of Glue

    My guinea pigs were roaming the kitchen for a bit and I noticed Nymeria was trying to bit at something in a water bottle that was on the floor. I looked and at first thought she was trying to bit some cardboard that was glued to the plastic but I think she actually nipped at a bit of dried glue...
  3. B

    Blocking A Ramp?

    hi there, I just got two sows about 7weeks old and I have a two storey hutch however the ramp is too daunting for babies so I want to block it off is Mdf wood safe to cover the opening it's slightly raised but is very stable and secure as I want them to be on the top level where the sleeping...
  4. Danielle Smith

    Secretion From Penis Post-neuter; Pus, Glue, Smegma, Sludgy Wee?

    Tubs was neutered on Saturday 26th November. While he was exclusively syringe-fed at first, he's recovering somewhat and eating hay, veggies and some pellets (he's losing 5-10g a day, but I'm keeping an eye on that and topping up with syringe feed where necessary). He's on loxicom for pain...