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grass time

  1. Minnieandpebbs

    Out on the grass!

    Pictures of my piggys having a good time on the grass.
  2. Sonnet


    Myself and Chutney got to have grass time yesterday. Chutney was being antisocial and avoiding the camera, while I went to see if there was anything yummier coming. Slave said “no, you can eat the grass”, so I popcorned away in disgust. - Sprout
  3. Siikibam

    Is This Clover?

    I’m not sure what clover looks like but I found this in the garden. Is that it? And how long do you leave your piggies outside for? I left them out an hour last time.
  4. K

    Baby Guinea Pig Diet And Grass..

    I'm getting 2 baby boys next week. I've been reading up on their diet and I'm getting confused and unsure of what to listen to and what not.. the breeder has told me which food to buy for them which is fine but it's the extras they need to be fed for vitamin C.. there is so much information I...
  5. Banbh

    Stuffing Their Faces

    The girls enjoying the grass when the weather was a little bit nicer. Pickle (RIP) is the tortie, and Pepper is the tortie &white.