grass types

  1. Tlong

    What kind of grass to grow for guinea pigs

    I am a new pig owner and I was thinking about growing my own grass for my 2 piggies and I wanted to see which types are the best for them. I found Timothy grass but I kind of wanted a variety. I just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions!
  2. Jreaville

    Did I ID these grasses right?

    Kentucky bluegrass? Meadow foxtail? Clover? If so, are they all known to be safe? I’ve not fed my piggies any of them yet.
  3. S


    I have some spelt seed that I originally bought to use as ground cover. I believe it's an older type of wheat. Would it be okay to feed some to my three guinea pigs? I would of course cut it before it went to seed.