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grease gland

  1. E

    Crying with no evident source of pain

    Hi! I’m not usually active on social media, let alone on forums, but i’m desperate for help. My english might not be very good as I’m not from an English speaking country but i really need help. My guinea pig is an intact male, 2 years old. He’s always been an active little fella and nothing...
  2. Lunapxggies

    grease gland?

    I made a post a few weeks ago about how my guinea pigs grease gland was leaking and I’ve never really had that happen to any of my other pigs in 8 years of owning them…I’m worried now because it’s still leaking when i cleaned her up the last time and i’m worried theres something else wrong like...
  3. L

    Yellow Stuff?

    Hey, I’ve had this sow for around 3 1/2 years. I’ve noticed this yellow hard stuff near her rear end and thought maybe just an over active grease gland and am gonna give her a bath once I can get the proper shampoo(in a weekish) but now it’s on her nose as well? She also is biting me very hard...
  4. Diana85

    Plucking Cagemates' hairs

    I own 2 females and have always lived together since i got them 3 years ago, recently Piggy had to have surgery to remove a sebaceous cyst just under her ear, following the surgery she developed a UTI so was on antibiotics, both of those things really impacted her so she was pretty much not...
  5. N

    HELP! Weird bump 🥴

    Hi! So recently I cleaned my cavy’s grease gland and noticed this weird blister looking bump on his behind. it seems like thin skin because when or if you touch it, it starts bleeding. I’ve tried doing research on it but I can’t really find anything that describes it. my best guess, is either...
  6. L

    grease gland

    Does anybody know anything about something called a grease gland? it always kind of been on my guinea pig and I never knew what it was. I have to sort it out but I'm confused :) He also HATES baths and water? haha x -thanks
  7. dannif_piggies

    Overactive grease gland

    So health checks completed and it seems like Misty has a bit of an overactive grease gland and she had quite a lot of yellow gunk in that area. I cleaned it away, but a load of fur came away with it (I was super gentle) I've never dealt with grease gland problems before. Is there anything I can...
  8. S

    Grease gland

    Hi guys 👋🏻 Recently we lost one of our guinea pigs leaving our other one lonely and honestly really down, so we made the decision to get two new buddies for him pretty soon afterwards. I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or not but I like to get the two pups out and give them a good check over...
  9. L

    Strange purring and bum ?

    My guinea pig when put with his other Male friend purrs a lot and lifts his butt to show what looks like a prolapse or possibly a clogged grease gland whereas when he is sat normally and calm it’s not visible ? I will attach pictures.
  10. Siikibam

    Cleaning boar bits

    One of my boys has funk up his bum and a dirty grease gland. I’m sure it’s there but are there instructions for cleaning the bum hole? A video would be good as well... And if I use coconut oil on the grease gland, do I have to wash it off with shampoo or just water? TIA