1. dabel101

    Coughing when eating

    Hi! I have three piggies, all sows, and when i give them their veggies someone lets out a cough. I only hear one cough from one of them, not quite sure who, but ive seen all of them do it. Again, its only once and they carry on eating as normal once they have a good cough. And its only when they...
  2. SteviesKingdom

    Greedy, whiny, spoiled...

    So one of my newest Guinea pigs I bought from petco last year (BTW, they said she was a he, and he was already pregnant) gave birth on Christmas eve, and now the pups are not so little anymore. I found homes for the 2 boys, but I have the 2 girls and their mom...I thought the dog was greedy for...
  3. Laura M.

    greedy pigs

    I feel like the black one is eating too much - he is so greedy and eats the food belonging to the other two - what do I do? :ple: