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  1. Cymrupiggies

    Grieving for a piggie

    This is my first post and to be honest it's a hard one. I've come on here to not feel so alone in this grieving process and sorry if I've posted in the the wrong thread. December 2023 our piggies Maisie had blood in her urine. We only rescued her in June 2023 to add to our very small herd but...
  2. peachynpigs

    One of my guinea pigs died, what should I do with my lone one?

    I adopted a pair of male guinea pigs a few months ago, and one of them, the less dominant one, suddenly stopped eating and in less than 3 days, sadly passed away. the other piggie has been eating and drinking water, acting normally, even a bit more cuddly; I know they have to live in 2+ so I was...
  3. Jennybug89

    Could She Be Grieving?

    Just a quick question. So I've had Rosie for two weeks. She's apparently three months old. Up to the day before I got her she was living with her sister. The owner then decided to split them and gave the sister to someone else, and Rosie came to me on her own. Could she possibly be grieving her...