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grieving boar

  1. peachynpigs

    One of my guinea pigs died, what should I do with my lone one?

    I adopted a pair of male guinea pigs a few months ago, and one of them, the less dominant one, suddenly stopped eating and in less than 3 days, sadly passed away. the other piggie has been eating and drinking water, acting normally, even a bit more cuddly; I know they have to live in 2+ so I was...
  2. Ashleigh24

    Grieving brother

    I had 2 brothers woody and buzz, they were 5 and both showing signs of old age. Unfortunately we lost Woody (he went very quickly dying of old age) Buzz is doing ok, his survival instincts have kicked in, he's very quiet but i'm giving him attention daily etc. I know I should get him a mate as...
  3. roseriley

    Grieving Guinea Pig :'(

    Hello everyone. Last year was the worst year of my pet owning life. It was full of so much illness and loss from cancer (three different animals), heart failure (two of them), and other completely unpreventable illnesses. Tragically, I lost three out of my four piggies. Only my little Puddles...