1. A

    Friends for guinea pig owners

    Hello I’ve just joined I’ve got two guinea pigs and I would love to meet new friends that love guinea pigs as much as me does anyone know how I would Do this and maybe host a meet up with them
  2. PeachyPie

    Room for one more?!

    Hi all, I'm new here so bear with me while I try to get this right! I have a lovely tribe of five pigs, a neutered boar and four sows. The boar and one sow are around 3-4years old and were a pair before I introduced the other three sows who are about 8months. I am currently fostering a single...
  3. milchgauss

    Guinea Pig Trio Solution?

    We have a guinea pig trio (all female) in a cage that is roughly 5.5 feet by 1.5 feet. They were all from the same litter in the pet shop. My husband and I had done our research prior to getting the guinea pigs and did not come across the fact that this configuration was dysfunctional. Our...
  4. Guineapigfeet

    Trio To Quad? Advice Appreciated

    Hi, I have three 9 month old (ish) sisters who get along great. Chewie and BB are more affectionate to each other than to Rey, but no one is bullied or left out in any way. The accountant at work also has a pair of older girls (maybe 3 yrs?) and has previously asked if I would take the...