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  1. G

    Can I Grow Grass?

    Is it possible to grow grass for piggies? What grass is best, and how? I think it would be a safer and a more reliable way than just picking it from outside. :D
  2. crnyng

    Growing Wheatgrass?

    I don't trust the grass grown around my city seeing as there are pesticides put down, along with cats and dogs using the grass to potty. I was looking into buying wheatgrass seeds to grow so my pigs can have some grass to munch on occasionally. I was wondering if anyone's done it before and...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    Weigh Day.

    I told the girls that it was weigh-time and afterwards they'd get some veggies - they ran for cover. As soon as they realised the scale's batteries were flat, they came out wheaking for the promised veg! So no weights this week. Chewie is definitly growing (or just getting fatter?) - their...