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  1. L

    Growth on nose

    Hi, I have 2 male Guinea Pig’s, they are both 2 years old. I noticed a couple of weeks back they both had a dry bit on their nose - didn’t seem to be bothering them so didn’t worry. Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed one of the Guinea pigs growth has grown a lot and this morning he...
  2. J

    Guinea pigs quick has reached the tip of the nail

    We just adopted our piggies from someone who clearly didn't know how to care for them or just didn't try (overgrown nails, dirty cage, was only feeding rabbit pellets, and the poor babies reeked of urine and cigarette smoke). Anyway, we just trimmed all their tips except one, one of our piggies...
  3. jennag446

    A year of growth!

    Thought I’d share this comparison picture I have of one of my pigs. We got her last year, and she’s grown so much :) i can’t believe that she was smaller than my hand when we first got her. time really flies
  4. C

    Growth on nose

    Hey, I’ve recently noticed some kind of growth or something appear on one of my guinea pigs nose. I’ve attached a photo. Can anybody explain what it is and if there is anything I need to do to treat it? Many thanks
  5. Jiggy_Sweets

    Strange Lump On Eye With White Crusty Patches

    Our 4 week old Female guinea pig, Minnie, has started to develop this odd white growth on her upper eye lid which is surrounded by white crusty patches. There is discharge that we can see and there’s no smell present. She is still eating just fine and getting along with her guinea buddy, Sally...
  6. B

    Guinea Pig Lump/growth

    My Guinea Pig has a growth/lump on the centre of his back. It has a scab in the centre and in my opinion looks like it is filled with something, as if I squeezed it (which I don't plan on doing) something would come out. This is especially due to the scab in the middle seeming like it goes deep...
  7. T

    Caring For A Guinea Pig With Stunted Growth

    Hi there:) I posted a few months back wondering if my new adopted piggie had some sort of URI or pneumonia but after going to the vets, he reckoned the coughing she does is related to having an extremely aggressive respiratory infection for 2 months when she was a few months old (this was with...