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grumpy pig

  1. E

    Advice on housing for cranky piggy

    Today, I went to get some new piggies for one of my boars, who recently lost his cage mates and was beginning to sink into a bit of a depression. I asked the rescue near me for the male herd who had been there the longest and was most in need of a home. I was delighted that her most needy boars...
  2. P

    Guinea pig poop stuck in bum and weird red dot

    I've recently moved with my 2 male guinea pigs (around 8 monthes old). One is spotted (Berry) and one is black (Bruno). They have been normal until the last few days where berry got very grumpy and kept picking fights. He has always picked fights before but it has never been this bad. When I...
  3. Sonnet

    Wrap Up Warm

    Chutney here. Got dragged out of my nice warm hide for this. Was not very happy. Especially when she stuck that leaf on my head. And I couldn't even eat them. Hmf. Don't understand why she insists on doing this, seeing as I don't particularly enj---is that celery?! ...Still giving you the...