1. cheysnickbutter

    Guinea pig died - Feeling guilty

    Today I woke up to my 7 year old guinea pig Snickers being dead, and it has been absolutely heartbreaking. He was my first guinea pig, and I have had him since he was about six weeks old; August 11th would have been our 7 year anniversary together. I just can't help but feel guilty about my...
  2. Natalia

    Ricky Died And I Got A New Guinea But Can't Get Over Ricky

    My Guinea pig died over the holidays, and few days ago I got a new, cute baby guinea pig, but when I can't sleep because I miss him so much and I can't enjoy the new piggy. I even told my partner that I don't want the new piggy, I want one looking exactly like Ricky. It breaks my heart...
  3. kenken123

    Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury

    So Patches here decides to escape the c&c cage by breaking down the lid and escape. He say"I would never do that." What do you think?
  4. MJG

    Anyone Else Feel Guilty ?

    Does anyone else on here feel guilty when the pigs can't go outside? I don't know why I feel so guilty ! As they have down time on the carpet in the spare room . Also does anyone know the lowest temperature they can go outside in? For example some places I've read 10 degrees and some places it's...