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  1. B

    asserting dominance-- feeling guilty

    Hi! i was holding my guinea pig while giving her her antibiotics, and i had given her a break in between mouthfuls (1ml antibiotics :(), and i was giving her pets on her head. she then like pushed my hand with her head. i didnt realize it was a friendly redirection and thought it was something i...
  2. VanessaC

    Traumatised Guinea Pig

    I took Jasper to the vet Thursday just gone as I noticed he wasn’t eating as much as usual, my previous guinea pig suffered with terrible gut stasis so I wanted to catch it as quick as possible. I brought his big brother Zeb with him whos very calm. When we got home he just sat there like a...
  3. B


    hi, my guinea pig died about 5 days ago now, and i just feel awful for the cagemate she's left behind. as far as i know she isn't experiencing acute pining. she's fine with walking around the cage, drinking and eating, but seeing her alone in there just breaks my heart since she's never been a...
  4. M

    Feeling guilty about my guinea pig's death

    My 3 and a half years old guinea pig, named Koui, just passed away in my arms. For 5 months now she had a problem with her foot, most likely a pododermatitis. But here in Greece, we don't have specialized vets for guinea pigs. Most of them actually no nothing about their health care. I took her...
  5. cheysnickbutter

    Guinea pig died - Feeling guilty

    Today I woke up to my 7 year old guinea pig Snickers being dead, and it has been absolutely heartbreaking. He was my first guinea pig, and I have had him since he was about six weeks old; August 11th would have been our 7 year anniversary together. I just can't help but feel guilty about my...
  6. Natalia

    Ricky Died And I Got A New Guinea But Can't Get Over Ricky

    My Guinea pig died over the holidays, and few days ago I got a new, cute baby guinea pig, but when I can't sleep because I miss him so much and I can't enjoy the new piggy. I even told my partner that I don't want the new piggy, I want one looking exactly like Ricky. It breaks my heart...
  7. kenken123

    Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury

    So Patches here decides to escape the c&c cage by breaking down the lid and escape. He say"I would never do that." What do you think?
  8. MJG

    Anyone Else Feel Guilty ?

    Does anyone else on here feel guilty when the pigs can't go outside? I don't know why I feel so guilty ! As they have down time on the carpet in the spare room . Also does anyone know the lowest temperature they can go outside in? For example some places I've read 10 degrees and some places it's...