guinea babies

  1. M

    Need answers

    Okay so I’ve had my fur baby for over a month now & today I had noticed a piece of hay stuck in his area , so I gently removed it.. & as I was touching around it to make sure nothing else was stuck in there.. he’d cry a bit.. & I also noticed a swelling as well.. above his area , near his...
  2. B

    New guinea pigs taming, 3 girls.

    Hey! I’ve just joined this forum so please bear with me. I’ve recently adopted 3 little sows; they’re beautiful and the most beautiful nature but they are extremely shy [for reference they are all roughly 8 weeks old]. Whenever anyone walks into the room with their cage, they immediately hide...
  3. E

    First Time Meeting

    Hello! My guinea (M) has been a single for a while. Recently, I’ve gotten a new baby guinea (M). Their introductions went smoothly but my single guinea pig’s bum was being weird. Not sure if his penis was out! Is this normal?
  4. kaarhinoarlo

    my boys wont drink water

    hi! I'm new to this forum but i love reading this every now and then. so, i got my boys a few days ago, they are 8 weeks old and still very very shy. they are on timothy hay, oxbow young guinea pig pellets and lots of fresh veggies. they have 2 water bottles in their cage for 3 boys. i’ve...
  5. mrs.mcdaniel

    Newborn guinea pig is drooling

    Hello, recently one of my guinea pigs gave birth to 2 baby is completely fine and healthy but the other one seems to have issues...for some reason his own mother kind of neglected him when it was born? and now his drooling all over..and I have no idea what to do... both babies are...
  6. N

    Bleeding Guineapig

    My guineapig was bleeding from her anus day before yesterday and i took her yesterday ( There are no exotic vets in my area).he gave two medicines namely Cefpodoxime Suspension And Nefrocare syrup. I gave her this. the bleeding reduced,not stopped though, Later yesterday.evening she...