guinea big vibrating

  1. Carla&Glitch

    Mysterious Case Of Bloat

    Recently two of my gorgeous piggies have died because of a mysterious bloating. I would appreciate any advice or experiences that might help save my last remaining piggie. This has been the most horrible month. I'll give you some background on how we keep our pigs and what has happened since...
  2. M

    My Guinea Pig Is Shaking And I Don't Know Why

    I went on a week long trip with half of my family to New York. I had my sister who stayed home look after my two guinea pigs. When I came home and checked on my guinea pigs I noticed that they weren't sqeaking or saying anything like they usually do when I come into the room. Still, I gave them...
  3. bellajessica

    Adopted A 2 Year Old Guinea

    Hello, First time guinea pig owner and adopted a 2 year old guinea pig and i have a few problems. The guinea pig is very fat, the woman who I adopted him from told me that she just fed him all the time and kept him either in the cage or on her knee so he hasn't had much chance to run about. The...